Embracing a Future of Abundance and Peace

The United Earth Amazonia Award is more than an accolade; it is a mission, a rallying cry to unite people and nations in building a sustainable future. This Award, deeply aligned with United Earth’s foundational mission, stands as a beacon of hope and a seed of peace for humankind and all life forms. It embodies the belief that art and music, as spiritual languages, possess the power to unite individuals across generations and cultures towards a common, noble purpose.

Innovative Projects for a Vibrant Amazonia

At its core, the United Earth Amazonia Award seeks to identify, reward, and support transformative projects crucial for the sustainability of Amazonia and its communities. These initiatives are not just aimed at protecting the region’s rich biodiversity; they are catalysts for creating a future of abundance and peace. By integrating art and music, the award provides a unique platform, giving global visibility to these projects and promoting their growth and development.

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Methodology and Selection

Methodology and Selection: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The methodology of the selection process utilizes a state-of-the-art NASA Delphi Methodology that identifies the most relevant projects that can transform the lives of Amazonian communities. The rigor and integrity of the NASA Delphi Methodology ensures a consensus-driven selection of winners, emphasizing excellence and innovative technology in the evaluation and not politics or ideology.

  • Methodology and Selection
  • 2023 Amazonia Awards

    The Inaugural Celebration

    The Inaugural Celebration: A Confluence of Art, Music, and Purpose

    The inaugural ceremony of the Amazonia Award, held on February 27, 2023, at the Amazonas Theater, transcended a typical award event. It was a harmonious fusion of art, music, and sustainability, bringing together diverse people in a celebration that resonated with United Earth’s commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural appreciation.

  • The Inaugural Celebration
    • 2023 Amazonia Awards

      Amazonas Theater – Manaus, Brazil

      United Earth: A Legacy of Environmental Leadership

      A Global Force Since 1974

      Founded in 1974 by Claes Nobel, a descendant of Dr. Alfred Nobel, United Earth emerges as a powerful non-profit, nongovernmental organization. Its core mission is to amplify environmental leadership and humanitarian excellence across the globe. With a focus that transcends borders, United Earth marshals global efforts, resources, and diverse programs to face an unprecedented challenge: to bring together the people and nations of Earth in pursuit of a sustainable, collective future.


      LCTM: Catalysts for Change and Perception

      Shaping Brands, Influencing Perceptions

      LCTM Brand Builders, at the forefront of business consulting and intellectual property monetization, specializes in harnessing the power of celebrity influence. Their work in brand growth and perception is instrumental in propelling environmental and humanitarian initiatives, like the United Earth Amazonia Award, into the global spotlight, significantly impacting how these causes are perceived and valued worldwide.