“We are raising consciousness and creating community through music and transformative projects that build cultures of Peace, Health and Wellbeing – in ourselves and in the natural world. There is no more important global mission than preventing humanity from destroying itself and our shared global ecosystem.”

– Marcus Nobel

Save Amazonia – Preserve Water – Embrace Culture – Honor Peace


Art and music, as a spiritual language have power to unite people of all generations and cultures towards an aligned purpose. Transformational and innovative projects aiming the sustainability of Amazonia and its inhabitants can create a future of abundance and peace.

The United Earth Amazonia Award, connecting art and music with relevant sustainability projects, has the potential to become a source of hope and a seed of peace for humankind and all forms of life.

Beyond the Award, an instrument for the sustainability of Amazonia: a source of hope for the planet.


As the largest tropical rainforest in the world The Amazonia Rainforest  is not only the heart and lungs of Mother Earth— it is also a metaphor for the rest of the world. Saving the forests, the rivers, the plants, the animals and the indigenous people of the Amazon is one of humanity’s highest calling. As goes the Amazon — so goes the Earth.

A spiritual and humanitarian Award implemented with excellence and innovative technology.


Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and an independent audit process, the UEAA identifies relevant projects that can transform the lives of Amazonian communities. The use of the NASA version of the Delphi Methodology ensures a consensus-driven selection of winners, emphasizing excellence and innovative technology in the evaluation.

Amazonia – the largest tropical forest with the largest freshwater reserve in the world.


The Amazon Rainforest is home to millions of species of plants and animals, many of which are only found in that forest. Some indigenous tribes have never encountered people from any other ethnic groups. The first edition (February, 27, 2023) of the UEAA focused on the Legal Amazon in Brazil. The next edition will expand the scope to the entire Amazon Biome, including all countries in Latin America that are part of Amazonia.

Marcus Nobel Legacy by LCTM Brandbuilders


Marcus Nobel, President and Executive Director of United Earth, son of Claes Nobel, and great great grand nephew of Dr. Alfred Nobel, creator of the Nobel Prize, in partnership with LCTM BrandBuilders, created the unprecedented United Earth Amazonia Award.

The Amazonia Award | Celebrating Environmental Guardians

The inaugural edition of the United Earth Amazonia Award (UEAA), held on February 27th, 2023, marked a significant milestone in environmental recognition and advocacy. Focusing initially on Brazil’s Legal Amazon, this award shed light on the efforts to preserve this vital region’s ecological and cultural integrity.

Looking ahead, the UEAA is set to broaden its horizon. The next edition will encompass the entire Amazon Biome, extending its reach to include all Latin American countries that share this majestic rainforest. This expansion reflects a deepening commitment to safeguarding the Amazon, not just as a regional treasure, but as a global legacy that belongs to us all.

Learn about the prestigious United Earth Amazonia Award, a symbol of excellence in environmental and social stewardship and a catalyst for sustainable development in the Amazon. Explore the criteria, selection process, and the impact of this significant award.

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About United Earth

Discover the inspiring story of United Earth, an organization that has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy and humanitarian efforts since 1974. Learn about our history, mission, and the global initiatives that drive our commitment to a sustainable future.

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  • Marcus Nobel: A Visionary Leader

    Delve into the life and legacy of Marcus Nobel, a pivotal figure in shaping the course of United Earth. Explore his achievements, his contributions to environmental stewardship, and his ongoing dedication to global sustainability and peace.

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  • Marcus Nobel: A Visionary Leader
    • The Amazon Rainforest: A Biodiversity Marvel and a Global Treasure

      The Amazon Rainforest, an emerald expanse stretching across the heart of South America, stands as the largest tropical forest and the most extensive freshwater reserve on our planet.

      It is also a bastion of human diversity and cultural richness. It shelters numerous indigenous tribes, some of which have remained in isolation, their lifestyles and traditions untouched by external influences. These tribes are not merely residents of the forest; they are its guardians, deeply intertwined with the ecosystem and living in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

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      “Higher Ground” is a song that speaks of the perseverance it takes to reach the higher consciousness. Let’s all keep trying together, one heart and one song at a time, until we all reach the Higher Ground.

      Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race. And with this truth firmly fixed in our minds, we set out to share it with the world. [MORE…]

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