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The New Nobel Legacy– The Earth Ethics Prize 

The New Nobel Legacy –The Earth Ethics Prize —allows Global Citizens  to become stakeholders of a United Earth; to vote for local and international Green Earth Prize Laureates and to nominate and receive Earth Service Awards, Earth Ethics Scholarships, and to publish student led research on the Earth Ethics Forum.

In 1985, Claes Nobel authored The Global Declaration of Earth Ethics, signed by thousands of individuals and organizations around the world— for new standards of humanitarian excellence and environmental stewardship.  The origins of the New Nobel Legacy began in 1974 when Claes Nobel drafted The Nobel Laureates Declaration on the Survival of Mankind, — which was signed by 78 Nobel Laureates. This declaration calls for Nobel Laureates to pledge their active support to conserve, protect and restore our environmental heritage.

Now, when in the course of human history, and the self-evident truth that humanity and nature must co-exist in balance with each other –or perish– it becomes necessary for people and their leaders, to act decisively with conscious, mindful and peaceful actions, both individually and collectively to become citizens of a United Earth.

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