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This picture was taken at St. Catharine’s School for Girls in Hong Kong. The picture of Alfred Nobel was located in a science lab along with other important scientists. What most people don’t know is that Alfred Nobel was first a student, then a scientist, then a businessman and finally a philanthropist…the world’s first and greatest philanthropist. Although his most famous invention was Dynamite, he is most remembered for the creation of the Nobel Prizes, of which the Nobel Peace Prize is the most famous prize in the world …and the most controversial.  Alfred Nobel has been a great inspiration to both Claes Nobel and Marcus Nobel for his great humanitarian work for a peaceful world.

United Earth: history, mission, and global initiatives

2023 Amazonia Awards

Noble Ideals

A Foundation Built on Noble Ideals

United Earth, a paragon of global environmental leadership and humanitarian excellence, was founded in 1974 by Claes Nobel, a direct descendant of Dr. Alfred Nobel, the creator of the Nobel Prize. This prestigious organization embarked on an unparalleled mission: to unite people and nations in crafting a sustainable future for our planet.

  • Noble Ideals
  • 2023 Amazonia Awards

    Inspirational Beginnings

    Inspirational Beginnings: Claes Nobel’s Visionary Leadership

    Inspired by his great grand uncle’s legacy and galvanized by the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, Claes Nobel emerged as a visionary, seeing new solutions to age-old global problems. His three-decade-long journey transcended borders, ideologies, and societal differences, knitting together diverse communities to tackle pressing environmental issues.

  • Inspirational Beginnings
  • Mission, Vision, and Values

    Mission, Vision, and Values

    To protect our home with pure water and clean air. Embrace diverse cultures and reverence for all forms of life. Promote peace for a symbiotic, dynamic, and well-balanced sustainable life.

  • Mission, Vision, and Values
    • Founded in 1974 by Claes Nobel

      United Earth is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization that recognizes and promotes environmental leadership and humanitarian excellence around the world. Founded in 1974 by Claes Nobel, a great great grand nephew  of Dr. Alfred Nobel, creator of the Nobel Prize, it focuses global efforts, resources, and programs for an unprecedented challenge: to unite the people and nations of Earth in building our collective, sustainable future.

      About Claes Nobel
      Marcus Nobel Vision

      Marcus Nobel: Carrying the Torch of Innovation and Unity

      Following in his father’s footsteps, Marcus Nobel has been an integral force in advancing United Earth’s mission. Upholding his father’s legacy, Marcus brings a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the organization. His leadership is marked by a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, innovative solutions for sustainable living, and the cultivation of global peace.

      About Marcus Nobel

      About the United Earth Seal

      The Seal of United Earth illustrates the sacred circle of life.
      The bird represents clean air.
      The fish symbolizes pure water.
      The deer connotes animals.
      The tree represents natural resources.
      The wheat symbolizes food.
      The human being stands for the well-being of all humankind.
      The surrounding olive laurel wreath signifies that all of Earth is sacred.

      Through this icon, United Earth unites all of humanity in the reverence of life and the protection of our blue-green home in space, as the home of our dynamic, symbiotic, well-balanced, and peaceful planet.

      United Earth stands for the quality of life, for all forms of life.

      United Earth logo

      Merging Visions: A Synergistic Approach to Global Challenges

      Together, Claes and Marcus Nobel have created a powerful synergy, merging visionary foresight with dynamic execution. Under their combined leadership, United Earth has intensified its efforts, focusing on global programs and initiatives that resonate with their shared mission of environmental preservation and humanitarian progress.

      Global Efforts, Resources, and Programs: The United Earth Mandate

      At the heart of United Earth’s operations is a concerted effort to mobilize resources and programs worldwide. This effort is not just a response to immediate challenges but a proactive approach to nurturing a global movement that values sustainability, cultural diversity, and reverence for all life forms.

      A Continued Legacy: From Environmental Leadership to Humanitarian Excellence

      Today, United Earth’s impact is a living testament to the Nobels’ vision and dedication. The organization continues to champion initiatives that promote peace, sustainability, and respect for life, inspiring and leading actions that have a tangible, positive impact on our world.

      2023 United Earth Amazonia Awards, Amazonas Theater, Manaus - Brazil

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