In February 2023, at the Amazonas Theatre in Manaus, Brazil, the inaugural United Earth Amazonia Award recognized six outstanding contributions to environmental preservation and social development in the Amazon. These winners, selected for their innovative and impactful work, exemplify the spirit of sustainability and community engagement. Explore the achievements of each winner and delve into their inspiring stories.

Erasmo Carlos and Roberto Carlos

Pioneers in Environmental Music

Roberto Carlos, along with the late Erasmo Carlos, received the award in the Arts and Music category for integrating environmental themes into their music nearly 50 years ago. Their songs have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the Amazon and its conservation, long before it became a global trend.

Winning ESG Projects

The Vagalume Association

The Vagalume Association: Fostering Environmental Awareness Through Reading

The Vagalume Association was recognized for its educational projects in Amazonian communities, promoting environmental awareness through reading. Their work has significantly contributed to the social development of numerous states by transforming perceptions and actions towards the environment.

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Sateré-Mawé Community

Sateré-Mawé Community: Empowering Indigenous Communities Through Sustainable Bioeconomy

This project has dedicated over three decades to the economic, social, and territorial independence of the Sateré-Mawé people. By promoting the sustainable bioeconomy of guarana and forest conservation, it became the first indigenous product from the Brazilian Amazon to receive a designation of origin certificate.

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Sakaguchi Agroforestry

Sakaguchi Agroforestry: Promoting Agroforestry for a Sustainable Amazon

For five decades, Sakaguchi Agroforestry has been a leader in developing and disseminating agroforestry systems, influencing the social and economic development of the Japanese immigrant community in Tomé-Açu. Their work in land donation and cooperative organization is a testament to their commitment to preserving the Amazon ecosystem.

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Maranhão Women’s Network

Maranhão Women’s Network: Empowering Women for Social and Economic Inclusion

This project is lauded for empowering women through entrepreneurship. By producing and selling food and hand-crafted bakery products, the Maranhão Women’s Network has played a significant role in the social and economic inclusion along the Carajás railway and in the Babaçu production chain.

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Braziliando: Community-Based Tourism for Cultural Integration

Braziliando is an innovative project in community-based tourism, contributing significantly to the economic and social development of riverside and indigenous communities. By integrating cultures and bringing people together, they have built bridges between the peoples of the World and the Amazon, offering authentic experiences without altering community routines.

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Pamine: Reforestation and Educational Development in the Amazon

Pamine’s project focuses on reforestation, inclusion, and educational and technological development as an act of love for the forest. Regenerating a deforested area in the September 7th indigenous land, the project implements sustainability solutions through regenerative farming practices and tree replanting, symbolizing the rebirth of the forest.

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2023 Amazonia Award Recipients