The King – Roberto Carlos to receive the UNITED EARTH AMAZONIA AWARD in Manaus Brazil February 27, 2023

This article was translated from Portuguese.

It is the ‘king’ Roberto Carlos himself who will receive the United Earth Amazônia Award at the Teatro Amazonas, on February 27th. The singer and composer will be honored along with Erasmo Carlos, who died in November last year, who will be represented by his family members. The composers were invited to receive the prize eight months ago, when Erasmo was still in good health.

One of the award’s creators, Marcus Nobel, explains that United Earth Amazônia wants to show the best of Brazil and the Amazon in art and music. Carlos and Erasmo, according to the curators of the event, had been talking about the environment and the Amazon in their songs for almost 50 years, before the theme ‘became fashionable’

“Roberto and Erasmo Carlos used the best tool they had to raise awareness about the destruction of the environment – their music. They were the forerunners of environmental activism even before the big names. It is a fair tribute especially to these two great musicians”, says Sérgio Lopes, founding partner of LCTM Brandbuilders, who is also one of the organizers of the award.


Marcus Nobel says that when he idealized the prize together with his father, Claes Nobel, he wanted to bring out something that would unite people. “So much of America is divided. And what really unites us? What could be simpler and more beautiful than music to spread an idea? Music unites and manages to reach everyone”, commented Nobel, who also claims to have a spiritual connection with the Amazon.

The project started eight months ago, and according to Marcus himself, it almost “took on a life of its own” because of how fast the work went.

“It will be challenging to seek support from political, religious, business and media leaders. But, our main support comes from the people. From people who love music, who want to celebrate Brazil and the Amazon. So we go up, step by step, towards the realization of this dream. The first step has been taken and I am optimistic and hope for the best from this award”.
The prize

The United Earth Amazônia award aims to give visibility to sustainability projects in the Amazon, in the areas of art, music and environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, with proven relevance and effectiveness in supporting the sustainability of the forest and its inhabitants.

The award involves two institutions: United Earth and LCTM BrandBuilders and has among its sponsors the company Tellescom, a group with a complete ecosystem, integrating manufacturing, R&D, logistics, software, services, innovative solutions for digital transformation and socio-environmental projects, with support from Government of the State of Amazonas and the Municipality of Manaus.

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