Earth Ethics

Earth Ethics embraces the totality of all human ethical behavior. It relates to the behavior an individual demonstrates on all levels.

  1. It addresses the way we as humans, on an individual basis, rightly treat and manage our minds, bodies, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and emotions.
  2. It is about how we interact and relate to our family, friends, neighbors and associates. It is about respect, right behavior and right relationship to other cultures, religions, races, nations and minority groups.
  3. It is about our interaction and right relationship with the environment: the flora, fauna, air, soil and water.
  4. It is about our respect and reverence for God, regardless of religion, and the miraculous creation of life on Earth.

Claes Nobel
United Earth

The Global Declaration of Earth Ethics

World Harmony Via Earth Ethics

Right Thoughts – Right Words – Right Actions – Right Here and Now

“WE BELIEVE Ethics coupled with common sense and logic will bring forth true leaders, men and women of the highest integrity, worthy of being listened to, looked up to, followed and emulated – the genuine world heroes serving Humanity in the Light of Truth.”
~ Claes Nobel

WE MEN AND WOMEN from many nations and governments around the world and of various trades, professions and organizations, having very strong and deep concerns about today’s exceedingly serious threats to the future of Humanity, Civilization and Earth;

WE STATE that World Harmony can be established once our thoughts, words and actions are based upon Ethics. In the concept of Ethics we find love, compassion and truth coupled with respect and wisdom; sublime qualities that in an orderly way can change the present state of the world from constant conditions of crisis and near chaos into a world reflecting Peace and Harmony.

WE FIND the Laws of Nature to be eternal, inviolable and infallible; self-executing principles; the cause of all – both the seen and the unseen.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE, by the ever occurring manifestations of these laws, the existence of a dynamic creative power inherent in nature; in the miracle of life; and in the human mind, thought and will.

WE PERCEIVE how the oak tree exists in the acorn and the eagle in its egg; how every action has an equal reaction; how an accepted thought is a creative thought and how our right thoughts bear good fruit and our wrong thoughts bad fruit – each to its kind.

WE KNOW, therefore, that in the same manner, the daily, practical and general application of Earth Ethics will establish for Humanity the viable and sustainable reality of World Harmony – ours to receive and ours to enjoy once we understand and heed the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. For “as we sow so shall we reap”.

WE BELIEVE Ethics to be the supreme moral principle that enables people to distinguish between right and wrong – between good and evil.

WE BELIEVE Ethics represents the method and the guidance for obtaining the greatest amount of Harmony for the greatest number of people.

WE BELIEVE Ethics must become an essential part of all our actions and transactions in order for Mankind to have a better, safer and saner world; and that Ethics, being both a behavior and a relationship, is A KEY FACTOR TO THE SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN RACE.

WE BELIEVE Ethics in people and among people will bring Humanity freedom, justice and equality; will establish the perennial truth in our beliefs, values and ideals.

WE BELIEVE Ethics in relation to oneself, others, nature and God will eliminate much suffering and confusion in the world; will help all people to obtain their inalienable right to happiness and true well-being.

WE BELIEVE Ethics holds the idea that we people should not hurt, harm or misuse anybody or anything – including ourselves.

WE BELIEVE Ethics is to have the personal courage, honesty and self – discipline to listen to and to follow the “inner voice” that forever speaks to us in the silence of OUR hearts.

WE BELIEVE Ethics, like a healing hand, can remove the great acts of ignorance and selfishness that cause needless grief, fear, pain, intimidation, illness and death – to both Man and Nature.

WE BELIEVE Ethics will: greatly improve world conditions, advance right human relations, direct our way towards a unified humanity, restore moral and spiritual values, guide us to right livelihoods, realize our full human potentials and aid the evolution of our minds.

WE BELIEVE Ethics is the proclaimed universal way all people must follow in order to have balance and Harmony in both their inner and outer world. Specifically it is the way to establish proper balance between people and their environment, as well as the much needed balance between men and women.

WE BELIEVE Ethics coupled with common sense and logic will bring forth true leaders, men and women of the highest integrity, worthy of being listened to, looked up to, followed and emulated – the genuine world heroes serving Humanity in the Light of Truth.

WE BELIEVE Ethics planted in our hearts and nourished by our minds will manifest in every male and female of every race, creed and clime, in young and old alike, our eternal hope for peace, love, joy, bliss and enlightenment.

WE APPEAL, at this highly critical time in the history of Mankind, when unprecedented collective dangers, due to human ethical inadequacy and general ignorance about the great Truths and Laws of Nature, are destroying the viability of the biosphere and the quality of our life-support systems, that no work, concept, idea, effort and support may be spared in order to remove the cause of these ills.

WE WARN, with profound sincerity and extraordinary urgency, that the ultimate crime, THE EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE, is close at hand – unless we make the State of the World and the Fate of Humanity our foremost concern.

WE URGE for the sake of the survival of Homo sapiens and for the sake of all the species now endangered that a major change of attitude takes place towards Life, towards Earth, and towards the true purpose of Life on Earth; that future human actions become “right actions”, actions reflecting the meaning and the spirit of this declaration – actions based upon Earth Ethics.

WE REQUEST all human beings of all nations and their governments to join us in our efforts to establish: WORLD HARMONY VIA EARTH ETHICS.

Right Thoughts – Right Words – Right Actions – Right Here and Right Now
Copyright © United Earth 2007