Why Education Should Be Free


You will earn more if you have more education. You will also be less likely to become unemployed. A survey from 2011 shows that average earnings grow from $451 to $638 per week, just by earning a high school diploma. Getting a college Bachelor’s degree increases average earnings to $1,053 per week.More education pays off in higher earnings. (http://www.careerinfonet.org)

By Scott Hines
February 15, 2013

Why Education Should Be Free

For most, the single greatest barrier to accessing higher education is cost. In the last decade, tuition has skyrocketed across the United States. Crippling student loan debt in America has now surpassed a staggering $1 trillion. Many students find the return on investment just isn’t there and they’re walking away from college without graduating, disenfranchised and deeply in debt. The international community is even less likely to attend college, with less than five percent of the world’s population ever achieving post-secondary education of any kind.(Snip)

So, if democratizing education increases global prosperity by leveraging an educated human race, improves health and safety, and advances the collective thought and behavior of mankind, what other reason could be provided for subscribing to the status quo of a costly education system that shuts most citizens out?


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