Styrofoam ban: one side claims jobs; the other, the environment

By Nannette Miranda
Monday, August 29, 2011

SACRAMENTO (KABC) — Styrofoam food take-out containers may become a thing of the past. California lawmakers are considering such a ban, the first-ever such ban in the country. Supporters say the containers create litter that’s not biodegradable. Opponents fear a ban could cost jobs.

The state’s litter fines don’t seem to keep the shores of rivers, lakes and oceans clean. Two California companies that make Styrofoam products say numerous jobs are on the line, including at restaurants that use the goods, if a ban is approved.

Those Styrofoam containers for takeout orders and leftovers are convenient. They’re sturdy and keep food warm.

But environmentalists say they’re also a big headache, littering beaches and waterways.

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