Raising Awareness of Plastic Waste

young boy and garbage strewn beach

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), more than 7,000,000 tons of garbage reaches the marine environment every year, approximately 80% of which is expected to come from land.

New York Times
August 14, 2011

HONG KONG — Most people are familiar with the concept of a carbon footprint. Many may also know there is such a thing as a water footprint. But whoever heard of a plastic footprint? Well, soon, more and more people will have.

Starting in early October, hundreds of companies and institutions around the world will receive a questionnaire asking them to assess and report their use of plastic: how much they use, what processes they have for recycling and what — if any — policies they have to reduce their plastic consumption or to increase the proportion of recycled or biodegradable plastic within their organizations.

Fairly simple questions, but ones that could help to thrust the issue of plastic waste and pollution onto the radars of corporations, investors and the public in a much bigger way.

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