Do London’s Conservatives declare war on pedestrians and cyclists?
By Staff
June 8, 2011

Conservative London Assembly members staged a walk out minutes before a vote on Blackfriars Bridge safety. What were they thinking?.

This might sound a bit far-fetched. But at today’s London Assembly, the Conservative party Assembly Members actually walked out of the debating chamber and thereby made it impossible for the Assembly to debate Jenny Jones’s motion to make Blackfriars Bridge a 20mph zone.

The motion was by no means perfect. But it was a step towards civilising this deeply unpleasant junction. A space that is as nasty on foot (or in a wheelchair) as it is on a bicycle.

The London Cycling Campaign has provided an excellent analysis here of what Blackfriars signifies. As the LCC puts it: “The vote …is about no less than the future direction of London’s transport policy.” I’d urge you to read the LCC review. It sums up the opinion of many cyclists and walkers.

The Conservatives seem to have decided they don’t care about London’s transport policy, at least not as far as pedestrians and cyclists are concerned. They can’t even be bothered to debate it in this instance.


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